Blue Cat Diamonds

by KatieCat

Released 2009
Released 2009
A mellow and refreshingly orchestrated compilation of swing, blues, bossa nova and classic 70's pop songs, . This album is a potpourri of listening pleasure.
Becoming disillusioned after her initial forays into the music business, KatieCat fled to the country to grow vegetables and raise chickens, having convinced herself that a singing career was not the right choice for her. Time in the country gave her the perspective she needed to reignite her desire to pursue a singing career. Soon she was making frequent trips back to the San Francisco Bay Area to attend the Jazz School in Berkeley. There she met other musicians with whom she landed her first club gigs. A subsequent move to San Diego and chance encounter with musician and author, John Cain, set her on an exciting new path of music-making. With John’s fresh arrangements and masterful musicianship and KatieCat’s soothing vocals, Blue Cat Diamonds is a musical gem.