March 15, 2021

Hello Friends!

Spring is here and in between our various music projects, John and I are continuing to explore the amazing City of New Orleans and surrounding communities. We count our blessings daily that we found our way to New Orleans almost two and a half years ago. Just like the new growth exploding in our backyard garden, we feel the buzz of music and life reemerging in New Orleans these days as the hope of "life back to normal" looms large. 

Yesterday, we drove across the 24 mile Causeway Bridge that connects New Orleans to the North Shore of Lake Pontchartrain. We found our way to Abita Springs where we enjoyed an outdoor lunch at Abita Springs Cafe and a stroll around Abita Springs Art and Farmer's Market. This Friday we will play on the sidewalk in front of Vintage Voyage clothing store for the really fun occassional event owner Zahara calls "Sip & Swing. Check it out in the calendar! 

New video release today: "The Earth Is Your Mama".  Please click on Video button above. Enjoy! 

Love and Best Wishes from KatieCat & Cain